TFT 46" ELO Touch 4600L
 TFT 46" ELO Touch 4600L  
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TFT 46" ELO Touch 4600L

TFT 46" ELO Táctil ET4600L

The Elo Touch Solutions 46-inch 4600L is a large-format
canvas for commercial interactive media applications bringing
interactivity to digital signage. By combining precision
touchscreen technology with a professional-grade, large format
LCD panel, the 4600L is rugged enough to last in high traffic,
public access environments. With the easy, cable-free, 2-step
installation of one of the optional computer modules, the 4600L
is a reliable, digital platform that is interoperable with content
management servers and supports optimal partitioning of locally
cached and network stored content.

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EAN : 7411493218392
PVP 2491
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