Kiosko HYUNDAI H325SSV Outdoor
 Kiosko HYUNDAI H325SSV Outdoor  
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Kiosko HYUNDAI H325SSV Outdoor

Kiosko HYUNDAI H325SSV Outdoor

Broadcast your branding with
Hyundai Digital Signage!
HYUNDAI’s Outdoor Digital Signage represents state-of-art
display technology for any outdoor environment. Meeting the
highest industrial standards they are provide a high degree of
operational reliability and superior quality image, which are essential
preconditions for attracting the attention of your target audience
All Weather Capable
Equipped with an intelligent cooling and heating system,
HYUNDAI’s Outdoor Displays are well suited for withstanding any
weather conditions from -30O
C to +50O
Sunlight Readable
HYUNDAI provides special displays which are based on the Optical
Bonding for installatons in environment with the birghtest
lightning conditions. Make your messages and images clear and
readable under even bright sunlight.
Anti-Vandal Protection
Thanks to a special tempered security glass. HYUNDAI’s Outdoor
Displays are protected against any vandalism attacks using AntiVandal
glass bonding technique improving in durability from
outside damage.

Características importantes:
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PN : H325SSV
PVP 6306
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