AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FB

AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FB
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AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FB

AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FB



AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FB

eTILE 19M Value FanFree
The Etile 19M Value FanFree is a fanless 18.5” all-in-one touch display. Developed with POS in mind; this multi-touch PC tile can be integrated in various retail settings. Combining esthetically pleasing design with practical features such as an USB with power makes this eTILE
the perfect retail solution.

The eTILE 19M Value FanFree includes the following features:

A fanless, silent all-in-one interactive display
USB with power for auxiliary devices such as scanners and printers up to 1A per USB connection
Modular RJ50 connector for RS232 connection (voltage configurable)

19" multi-touch All-in One PC
Protección IP65 Frontal
10 points Multitouch CAPACITIVA PCT Touch
Intel® N2930
Integrated in Intel® HD Graphics
mSata SSD 32Gb /DDR3 2Gb

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AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FB
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