Aopen Tile DT22M 22” Display

Aopen Tile DT22M 22” Display
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Aopen Tile DT22M 22” Display

AOPEN Digital Mosaic 22M
The AOPEN Digital Mosaic 22M is a range of thin touch and non-touch Full HD Vertical Alignment (VA) displays, with an optimal viewing angle for both portrait and landscape mode. The Digital Mosaic range has optional proprietary high precision recessed & non-recessed wall mount solutions, ideal for creating videowalls in a variety of shapes and sizes.

+ Easy installation: no need for an enclosure or kiosk, the Digital Mosaic can simply be mounted on or in the wall using various wall mount solutions
+ Aesthetics: slim form factor
+ True flat surface: easy to clean
+ Ideal viewing angle for both portrait and landscape mode

Pantalla 21,5"
Resolución FullHD 1920 x 1080
Brillo 250 cd/m2
Ángulo H178º, V178º
Contraste 5000:1
TamaÁ±o bisel: 25,29/29,5/19,38mm

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Product Details

Data sheet

Line-in Audio Jack, Internal 2W Speaker
CE (including ERP)/FCC/LVD
Panel Size
Vertical Alignment (VA) Panel Full HD Display with backlight LED design
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Brightness 250 Nits
Bezel Size
Top Bezel: 25.29mm
Bottom Bezel: 29.5mm
Left & Right Bezel: 19.38mm
Weight 5kg
Touch Panel
PCT Multi Touch Surface (10 point touch)
Finger & Capacitive Stylus
Wake on Touch
Microsoft Windows & Android Compatible
Optical Response Time
Power Interface
19V Power Adapter (when powered on less than 36W
power consumption, in stand-by mode less than 0.5W
power consumption)
Signal Connector
DVI-I & VGA Display Interface
RS232 I/O Port
USB 2.0 Port
LCD OSD Settings
Keypad Settings for Brightness & Contrast
Surface Treatment
Slim Bezel, True Flat Panel Design, 7H Hardness
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 50°
Storage Temperature
-20 ~ 60°
Relative Humidity
90% RH
30,000 hours
Aopen Tile DT22M 22” Display
Hoja de datos de 91.A0101.0160 Aopen Tile DT22M 22” Display
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