ColorLight i series receiving card i5A


ColorLight i series receiving card i5A

i5A adopts a new generation of image processing core, it supports higher level of color input and gray level output, which creates more delicate images; Great improvement has been done onto low gray scale aspect, which enhances its display effect; Higher refresh rate makes display images more stable. i5A adopts a new generation of system architecture, it supports a range of more intelligent and high-end functions like program arbitrary switching, external connect to LCD display module, etc.

More perfect display effect by adopting new processing core.
High refresh rate, high gray scale and high brightness with conventional chips.
Perfect performance under lower grayscale status.
Better detail processing: Partial dark at row, reddish at low gray, shadow problems can be solved.
Support the effective display at first grayscale value.
Support 14 bits high-precision point-by-point calibration in the brightness and the chromaticity.
Support conventional chips, PWM chips and lighting chips, etc.
Support any scan mode from static to 1/32 scan.
Support any pumping point and data arbitrary offset to realize various freeform display, spherical display, creative display, etc.
Support signal output for 16 groups of RGBR’ and 20 groups of RGB, 32 groups as extended.
Large load capacity.
Wide working voltage range with DC 3.3 -6V.
Support dual receiving card backup, loop backup, and dual-machine backup, etc.
Compatible with Z series Sender, S series Sender, C series Sender, etc.

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